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Nature park transforms Dallas
How do you take a major city's dangerous floodplain, which blocks citizens' access to their river, and convert it into a park that connects two disparate parts of the city and provides a beautiful green refuge for all? Take a look at Dallas, Texas, as they build the USA's biggest urban park.
A Call for Innovations is an open solicitation of ideas and proposals that aims to help provide innovative solutions to challenges facing our city and find new ways of improving the lives of all New Yorkers. Ideas and proposals put forward through a Call for Innovations may be used to advise planning grants or pilots, shape future solicitations for contracts, franchises or concessions, and/or guide policy, regulation, or permitting changes.
Is your city happy?
What makes urban dwellers happy and content with city life? More disposable income helps, of course, but it may come as a surprise to learn that money is not the most important factor. URBAN HUB looks into the new field of "happy cities", and asks, "Why are they so happy?"
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